Vodafone USSD Codes List (Vodafone Balance, Plans Check) – 2017

Vodafone USSD Codes to check offers, plans

Vodafone USSD Codes to Check offers, Plans, Net Balance, Loans:

Are you looking for Vodafone Mobile Network USSD Codes information, then you landed the correct place. USSD Code full name is Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, Vodafone USSD Codes are Mainly used for Vodafone Mobile Network Services via Unique short code USSD Codes. Vodafone offers Unique short USSD codes for Know your Vodafone Balance, Know your Own Mobile Number, Data Balance Check, SMS Balance Check, Vodafone Best Offers, and many more services. Given Below we are publishing the full information about Vodafone USSD Codes list.

On the off chance that you are utilising Vodafone arrange administrator then this article must be valuable for you in light of the fact that here I am giving all USSD Codes for Vodafone. When we consider USSD code there is constantly clear space in our psyche. Indeed, even it’s an exceptionally hard to recollect all these USSD Codes. There is a Vodafone adjust check code then there is Vodafone web adjust check code. For everything, there is some code.

As a human we can not recollect, in the meantime, it ought to be helpful for regular day to day existence. Since in some cases we need to think about how much adjust we make them go, to resemble number checking, specifically paid ahead of time and postpaid offers, 1G, 2G, and 3G organise information offers. As a portable administrator, we have to think about each and everything generally what was the reason for utilising the specific system. Here I am giving the rundown of Vodafone USSD codes. Additionally, codes to check Vodafone adjust, the web adjusts and other.

What is mean by USSD Code

The full contraction of USSD is Unstructured Supplementary administration information. Fundamentally, it fills in as like convention that implies it is worked with brimming with principles and directions. It keeps running as consequently. It fills in as the interface between a client and versatile administrator. It gives all data about anything whatever you need to think about specific versatile operator.but each portable system administrator has an extraordinary USSD code. Never at any point does not coordinate the one USSD code to other USSD code.

All USSD Codes For Vodafone

Here we are classifying Vodafone USSD code, so it will be exceptionally straightforward for you to establish what you are searching for. You will likewise check my Vodafone free revive trap and Vodafone Free Internet Trick and now Vodafone free calling trap and Vodafone trap to get Free talk time.

USSD Code to dial. Function of USSD Code

*111*2# To check Vodafone balance.

*111*6*2# To check Internet data balance.

*157# To check free SMS balance.

*156# To check free Vodafone minutes.

*146# To check the validity of Vodafone number.

*111*2# To check Vodafone mobile number.

*123# To open Vodafone alert.

*121# Vodafone best offers.

*111*5*2# To check your Vodafone data card balance.

*111*10# To open Vodafone low balance services.

*111*3# To Check your last 3 activities.

*111*4# To Check your current plan details.

*111*5# To check VAS and services.

*111*8# To check best offers(only for your offer).

*111*9# To open Bill pay service.

*111*11# To update account information.


Instructions to Check Vodafone Net Balance

• To check Vodafone web Balance Dial *111*6#

• An appear message will Display your information adjust.

• On the other hand SMS DATA BAL to 144. You will get your Vodafone net adjust message.

• Vodafone Recharge Code and Packs List

• Vodafone 3g Recharge USSD code: Dial *121# and after that select your pack

• USSD code for Vodafone 2g revive: Dial *121# and afterwards select your pack

• USSD code for Vodafone 3g revive: Dial *121# and afterwards select your pack

• Vodafone 3 G pack with 20 GB: *444*8#

• Vodafone 2 G pack for 1 day GPRS: *121*05#

• Vodafone 2G pack for 3 days GPRS: *121*14#

• Vodafone 2 G pack for 7 days GPRS: *121*25#

• Vodafone 2G pack for 15 days GPRS: *121*49#

• Vodafone 2 G pack for 1 month GPRS: *121*98#

• Vodafone 3 G pack with 5 GB: *121* 851#

• Vodafone 3 G pack with 8 GB: *121*1251#

Vodafone PUK Code

Likewise, Check Download Vodafone GPRS Settings, take Vodafone web Mb advance.


Other Useful Vodafone USSD Codes

Vodafone Balance Transfer Code: *131*#

Vodafone Account Information Update code: *111*11#

Vodafone Offer Code: *111*8#

Vodafone credit utilised code: 1241 or

Likewise Check: How to convey forward Vodafone Unused information adjust.


Vodafone postpaid utilised codes

Vodafone Current Plan Details Check: *111*4#

Vodafone 3g actuation utilised code: SMS “ACT” to 144

Vodafone VAS Service Check Code: *111*5#

This is a full rundown of USSD codes particularly for Vodafone arrange administrator. Presently you may not feel hard to discover specific USSD code since we have secured all Vodafone USSD codes. Presently you can without much of a stretch check any Vodafone adjust.

Common USSD Codes for Vodafone Mobile Network:

Vodafone USSD Codes Vodafone USSD Codes Product Description
*141# or *111# Vodafone Balance Check (To Know Your Balance)
*121# For Vodafone Best Offers
*111*6*2# For Vodafone Internet Balance Check
*111*2*2# Vodafone GPRS Data Check (2G, 3G, 4G)
*111*2# Know Your Vodafone Number
*131*<Transfer Amount>*<Receiver Number># For Balance Transfer USSD Code

Vodafone Latest USSD Codes information:

Vodafone USSD Codes Vodafone USSD codes Product Description
*141# Vodafone Balance Check
*147# Vodafone to Vodafone night Minutes Check
*111*2# To Know Vodafone SIM Card Number
*142# To Know Vodafone Free SMS Balance
*145# To Know Vodafone Calling Balance
*148# Vodafone Local Minutes Check
*111*6*1# Vodafone Data Plans activate Code
*111*2*2# Check Vodafone Usage Allowance
*111*1*1# Check Vodafone Best offers
*121# Check Vodafone offers
*111*9# Vodafone Payback Check USSD Code
*111*1*4# Vodafone Bonus Cards
*111*1# Vodafone Delights USSD Code
*111*2*3# Check your Last Three Calls information
*111*3*4# Know your Last Three SMS Details
*111*2*5# Know your Last Three Call Charges information
*111*1*5# Vodafone Best Internet offers Check USSD Code
*111*4# Vodafone Tariff Plan sheet Check Code
*111*4*1# Vodafone My Plans Check USSD Code
*111*4*2# Vodafone Promotional & Bonus Balance Check Code
*111*4*3# Know Vodafone Active Plans and Validity  Check
*111*5*1# VAS Active on this number Check USSD Code
*111*6# Vodafone Data Balance Check USSD Code
*111*6*1# Know your Vodafone Active Data Plans Check code
*111*6*2# Know your Vodafone MB Data Check code
*111*6*5# Vodafone Internet Settings Download USSD Code
*111*7# To Bonus Cards Check Code
*111*8# To Vodafone Best offers Check Code
*111*10# Vodafone Low balance Check USSD Code
*111*11# Vodafone Account Update News Check Code
*111*11*1# Alternate Number information Check Code
*111*12# Vodafone  Information Check USSD Code

Vodafone USSD Codes list for Recharge:

USSD Codes Vodafone USSD codes Product Description
Type DATA BALANCE to 141 Check Your Vodafone Data Balance
*121# (Select Your Plan) For Vodafone 2G, 3G Data Recharge
*444*8# Vodafone (3G Data+40GB)
*444*444# Vodafone 2G Data for 1 Day (30 MB)
*444*17# Vodafone 2G Data,  2 Days (70 MB)
*444*75# Vodafone 2G Data, 7 Days (300 MB)
*121*49# Vodafone 2G Data, 15 Days
*121*98# Vodafone 2G Data, 1 Month
*121* 851# Vodafone 3G Data(5 GB)
*121*1251# Vodafone 3G Data(8 GB)

For More Vodafone USSD Codes for Support Service:

USSD Codes Vodafone USSD codes Product Description
111 Customer Care Number
198 Toll-Free Contact Number
SMS “ACT” to 144 Vodafone 3G Activation USSD Code
1241 or *111*10# Vodafone Loan USSD Code

More USSD Codes for General Information:

Vodafone USSD Codes Vodafone USSD Codes Description Price Details
*108*01# SMS Alerts for College 30/- Rs Per Month
*108*1# Job Alerts 30/- Rs Per Month
*108*2# SMS Alerts for Matrimony 30/- Rs Per Month
*108*210# Property SMS Alerts (6 Months) 99/- Rs (6 Months)
*108*211# Property SMS Alerts (3 Months) 69/- Rs (6 Months)
*108*212# Property SMS Alerts (1 Months) 30/- Rs Per Month
*108*402# Property SMS Alerts (12 Months) 149/- Rs Per Year
*108*65# Alerts for AutoShop Classifieds 1/- Rs Per Day
*123*108# Health Care SMS Alerts 56/-Rs (1 Week).
*123*123# VF Alert for New Combo 30/- Rs Per Month
*123*378# BFSI SMS Alert 30/- Rs Per Month
*123*555# Five in One Sports Alerts 5/- Rs Per Day
*123*900# SMS Alerts for Panchang 30/- Rs Per Month
*139# Railway Enquiry 1/- Rs Per Day
*272*1# ShubhMuhurats SMS alerts 30/- Rs Per Month
*500*71# SMS Alerts for Gadget Guru 30/- Rs Per Month
*500*81# Cricket Series Pack 30/- Rs Per Month
*506*710# Mobile Box office Alerts 69/- Rs Per 90 Days
*506*711# Mobile Box office Alerts 99/- Rs Per 6 Months
*506*712# Mobile Box office Alerts 149/- Rs Per Year
*506*713# Vodafone – Music Junction 69/- Rs Per 3 Months
*506*714# Vodafone – Music Junction 99/- Rs 6 Months
*506*715# Vodafone – Music Junction 149/- Rs Per Year
*506*718# #Comedy Express 149/- Rs Per Year
*514*22# For Vodafone Voice Chat 30/- Rs Per Month
*514*982# For Radio Mirchi 3/- Rs Per 3 Days
*514*983# For Radio Mirchi 30/- Rs Per Month
*514*987# For Radio Mirchi 7/- Rs Per Week
*545*59# For Festival Special 30/- Rs Per Month
*567*11# #Callertune Song Base PPU 10/- Rs
*567*67# For Music adda 5/- Rs per day
*567*804# For Funny SMS Alerts 3/- Rs per day
*567*853# Beauty Tips in English Languiage 30/- Rs Per Month
*567*854# SMS Alerts for Learn English 30/- Rs Per Month
*567*855# SMS Alerts for Cricket 30/- Rs Per Month
*567*856# For Romance Tips 30/- Rs Per Month
*567*857# For Hanuman Chalisa 30/- Rs Per Month
*567*867# Daily Astrology – SMS Alert 30/- Rs Per Month
*567*863# Beauty Tips in Hindi Languaige 30/- Rs Per Month
*567*904# Commodity Rates SMS Alert 15/- Rs Per Month
*567*915# SMS Alerts for Bullion Rates 2/- Per Day
*588# For Exam Results 10/- Rs
*777# My Discounts Info 49/- Rs Per Month
*778# My Deals Info 30/- Rs Per Month
*123*247# New Pack (All) 2/- Per Day
*123*562# Jobs Info 30/- Rs Per Month


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