Vodafone Customer Care Number for Prepaid, Postpaid, 3G, 4G, Broadband

Vodafone Customer Care Number

Vodafone Customer Care Number: The Vodafone Group is the mobile telecommunications company with greater presence worldwide and Excellent Customer Care in India headquartered in London. In March 2012 it had a base of 404 million customers in more than 30 countries, while the brand also presents in over 40 countries through partner networks. In an increasingly interconnected world, we continue to respond in an exemplary manner to the global communication of our customers needs, whether fixed or mobile nature (voice, the Internet and television) and be a truly admired company, totally oriented to Customer, innovative, competitive and ambitious. Our focus on convergence between the mobile phone, the computer and the Internet, allows us to create the conditions for the customers to use the services they are used, regardless of the form of access, and with a simple and transparent user experience with best customer Care for users.

Why Vodafone Customer care Service is Best

In addition to the typical mobile services, Vodafone also offers services whose pioneering nature, and in some cases unique, underlines our leadership in innovation and customer orientation. We highlight the ATM services on mobile, Vodafone Web Phone, Vodafone m.Ticket, Vodafone Cloud, Vodafone Messenger and Vodafone Protect, resulting from the strong commitment of the Company in the convergence between the phone and the computer, allowing customers to use the services that are used, regardless of the form of access, and with a simple and transparent user experience.

Vodafone Customer Care Number | Toll-Free Number | Email ID:

Get Vodafone queries on our products or services, call Vodafone Customer Care   +91 9885098850 from any phone or 199 chargeable at 50p for 3 mins for agent access from your Vodafone mobile phone anytime. For any complaints, service activation /deactivation and tariff change request you can call 198 (toll-free) from your Vodafone mobile phone or email us at vodafonecare.ap@vodafone.com. This Article Publishing the details about Vodafone Customer care Number, Vodafone Toll-Free Number, Vodafone Customer care Support Email contact Address city wise like Vodafone customer care number Maharashtra, Vodafone customer care number Tamilnadu, Vodafone customer care number New Delhi, Vodafone customer care number Telangana, Karnataka, West Bengal, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Tirupur, Assam, Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab, Mizoram, Jharkhand, Uttaranchal, Vodafone customer care number Gujarat, full details here.

Vodafone Customer Care Number 24/7:+91 9811098110 (This is for all Indian users)

Vodafone Customer Care Number:111 (This Number is Applicable only for Vodafone subscribers)

Vodafone India Postpaid Customer Care Number :+91 9823098230

Vodafone India Prepaid Customer Care Number:+91 9923399233

Vodafone India Toll-free Helpline Number: 198

Vodafone India Customer Support E-mail Address:chn@vodafone.com


Region Wise Vodafone Customer Care Numbers:

Region Name Vodafone Customer Care Number
Andhra Pradesh 9885098850
Assam 9706097060
Bihar 9709097090
Jharkhand 9709097090
Delhi NCR 9811098110
Gujarat 9825098250
Haryana 9813098130
Chennai 9884098840
Himachal Pradesh 9736097360
Jammu 9796097960
Karnataka 9886098860
Odisha 9776097760
Punjab 9888098880
Rajasthan 9828098280
Uttar Pradesh East 9839098390
Uttar Pradesh West 9719097190
Kerala 9846098460
North East 9774097740
Kolkata 9830098300
Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh 9713097130
Mumbai 9820098200
Maharashtra 9823098230
Goa(Except Mumbai) 9923399233
Chennai (Tamil Nadu) 9843098430
West Bengal(Except Kolkata) 9732097320

Vodafone Customer Care Numbers city wise (Postpaid / Prepaid)

City Name Vodafone Customer Care Number (Postpaid / Prepaid
Agra 9719097190
Ahmedabad 9825098250
Amritsar 9888098880
Ahmednagar 9923399233, 9823098230 (Prepaid/Post)
Aligarh 9839098390
Allahabad 9839098390
Ambernath 9890098900
Amravati 9923399233, 9823098230 (Pre/Postpaid)
Ambattur 9886098860
Aurangabad 9923399233, 9823098230 (Pre/Postpaid)
Bangalore 9886098860
Bareilly 9839098390
Bellary 9845098450
Bathinda 9815098150
Belgaum 9843098430
Bhavnagar 9825098250
Bhopal 9713097130
Bhubaneswar 9825098250
Chandigarh 9888098880
Chennai 9843098430
Coimbatore 9843098430
Cuttack 9776097760
Davanagere 9886098860
Durgapur 9732097320
Faridabad 9813098130
Firozabad 9839098390
Gulbarga 9886098860
Gandhi Nagar 9825098250
Gorakhpur 9839098390
Howrah 9732097320
Hisar 9896098960
Hosapete 9845098450
Hubballi-Dharwad 9886098860
Hyderabad 9885098850
Ichalkaranji 9890098900
Indore 9713097130
Jabalpur 9713097130
Jalandhar 9888098880
Jalgaon 9923399233, 9823098230 (Pre/Postpaid)
Jalna 9890098900
Jamnagar 9825098250
Jhansi 9839098390
Kakinada 9849098490
Kamarhati 9933099330
Kalyan – Dombivali 9923399233, 9823098230 (Pre/Postpaid)
Karimnagar 9849098490
Kanpur 9839098390
Ratlam 9893098930
Rewa 9893098930
Rohtak 9845098450
Sagar 9893098930
Salem 9843098430
Sangli-Miraj & Kupwad 9923399233, 9823098230 (Pre/Postpaid)
Satna 9893098930
Secunderabad 9849098490
Serampore 9933099330
Shivamogga (Shimoga) 9845098450
Siliguri 9732097320
Singrauli 9893098930
Solapur 9923399233, 9823098230 (Pre/Postpaid)
Sonipat 9896098960
South Dumdum 9933099330
Sri Ganganagar 9849098490
Surat 9825098250
Thane 9923399233, 9823098230 (Pre/Postpaid)
Thiruvananthapuram 9846098460
Tiruchirappalli 9843098430
Tirunelveli 9886098860
Tirupati 9849098490
Tirupur 9843098430
Tiruvottiyur 9894198941
Thrissur 9895198951
Tumakuru (Tumkur) 9845098450
Udaipur 9923399233, 9823098230 (Pre/Postpaid)
Ulhasnagar 9923399233, 9823098230 (Pre/Postpaid)
Ujjain 9713097130
Vadodara 9825098250
Varanasi 9839098390
Vasai – Virar 9923399233, 9823098230 (Pre/Postpaid)
Vijaywada 9885098850
Vishakhapatnam 9885098850
Warangal 9885098850


Through Vodafone, customers can always be connected to what is really important and make the most of the opportunities that arise daily in their lives. Be on the move, at home or at work, our customers can count, at all times, with irresistible and innovative services, the latest equipment and a Service Customer excellence. We are at the forefront in the definition of mobile voice and data services around the world, we believe in change and constantly bet on innovation. Vodafone is the company whose performance of telemarketers is the best and where a bigger and better team environment is created.

I say this because I’ve been there, but I say why to tell me and tell me who is spinning. Moreover, it appears, although the claims without statistical data, which is growing adherence to the level of corporate customers at Vodafone. The support Vodafone ‘s customers have a very technical service. People REALLY know what we are talking about. They know the services. If they do not know, but look for long. Most operators have excellent training and have features that do not exist in other operators, such as contact later to IT – operator – to monitor the situation.

Services Optimus:

Vodafone services are facing the news. This the Your, a subdivision of Vodafone where people of SAC, voice mail, etc. , has a treatment for “you”, to the Professional VoiceMail, which allows us to ” hear” messages sent by e- mail in our mailbox 123, Vodafone is always innovating. I am a Vodafone customer one year ago. I am satisfied. I do no change. For me, it is the best carrier. Because? Why not just have a good network (which has ) has to have an after-sales service and monitoring personal is a do as I noticed in Vodafone. Congratulations!

Vodafone has stated and differentiated also by the tariff, providing to customers the plans more transparent and competitive market prices. In terms of communications in roaming, for example, we transpose Customer the great advantages of being a global operator.


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